Oasis Treatment Center, Inc.

A preferred provider

of outpatient substance

abuse treatment in

Volusia County, FL

What Clients are Saying About Oasis Treatment Center

"It was great to finally find some help that I could fit in to my budget. It is so hard to get the help you need for the price you can spend. Thank you for working with me and my schedule. My family greatly appreciates Oasis Treatment Center." Steve V.


"Probation was hard enough. Thanks, Oasis, for helping me complete sooner." Pat C.


"I was at rock bottom when the judge sent me to Oasis Treatment Center. Now, I can finally say I made my own road to recovery." Jenny D.


"Oasis Treatment Center helped me get my driver's license back." Jeremy B.


"I called and was scheduled for my evaluation that same day, thank goodness. That day was my start to a new beginning." Carley S.


"Easy, fast and professional substance abuse treatment, was exactly what I needed to get back on track." April T.



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